Adopt ... don't shop!

Opening up your home to an adopted pet gives the dog a brighter future.  It is also freeing up limited spaces we have, so more Maremmas can come into our care before rehoming.

When you adopt a Maremma from us, you know you are getting a dog that has been desexed, vaccinated and assessed for their behaviour.

But if you are familiar with Maremma, and up for a challenge, we may have a younger dog available as well.

Adopting a dog can often be significantly cheaper than buying one!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?

When you feel you are ready to adopt a new dog, please contact us and speak to one of our friendly volunteers.  We need to ensure that you know characteristics of Maremmas, assess your living environment, and consider your needs for having such a dog.

How long does adoption take?

The adoption process can be lengthy.  It depends on the dog availability and the suitability of each candidate.  We try our best to match the right dog with the right owner. Please bare this in mind when you begin the adoption process.

What happens after I am approved?

Once you have been approved as an adopter, we will then try to match you with a dog that suits your situation and meets the dogs needs.

We will then arrange for a meet and greet with the foster family and the candidate dog.

When official adoption takes place?

We offer a month trial for every adoption.  This is an opportunity for the dog to get to know you, your family and the surroundings.

If the trial goes well and you would like to continue, then we will start the formal adoption process.

Once the adoption fee is paid in full, we will forward signed dog ownership and microchip record forms to relevant organisations on your behalf.  You are now the new owner of the dog!

If the trial wasn’t successful, you simply return the dog to us.