Thinking of owning one of us?

We are NOT inside dogs!

Part of what makes us different to other dog breeds is our independence and guarding nature. This trait makes us very unhappy when we don’t have a flock to look after.  Confine one of us to a suburban backyard and we can become destructive and LOUD!

Our indepence and strong will can be a challenge for training.  Although not aggressive, we are courageous and determined to protect our flock and territory.

You look at that little fluffy ball and offer a silent prayer that he'll stay that size

We are a very large, sturdy dog that typically stand between 60cm and 75cm tall, and weight between 30kg and 65kg.  We have a coarse white outercoat and dense protective undercoat.

As an alternative, there are many wonderful smaller breeds to choose from.

You like peace and tranquility

We have a highly developed guarding instinct, so we have the tendency to bark when there is any noise or passing traffic.  If you like to have a proper sleep and not waking up several times during the night, then we are not the breed for you!

You don't have a large space to drive a tractor around

We are guardian dogs, bred to look after livestock all day.  We need constant herding stimulation, or we can get bored very quickly.  If your biggest space is the size of a double car garage, perhaps a smaller pet would better suit to your environment!

You love having frequent parties or visitors

We are very loyal to our master, but have little tolerance of intruders.  We take time to develop trust and bond to new faces.

So, if you are looking for a people magnet dog, then we certainly don’t have such endearing quality!  Maybe a Labrador Retriever is a better choice.

You like 1963 movie "The Great Escape". so do we!

Just like the movie, we are creative and have the stamina to find an escape route if there is one available.  Don’t let our fluffy hair fool you – We are actually quite slim!  So we are quite capable of squeeze through an opening.  What’s more, our large paws and strong front legs are excellent for digging.

You like everything to stay right where you put it.

We have some retrieving instinct, especially small items that we can easily pickup in our mouth.  So if you object strongly to us hiding your underwear left on the floor, then you should continue your search for that perfect dog!

You are approaching getting a dog as a temporary condition.

Maremma puppies are unusual and very gorgeous!  They become victims of impulse buys when they are advertised for sale.

Dog ownership is a commitment for the life of a dog.  If you figure that your dog will head to a pound once the kids are in school – please reconsider getting a pet!

Maremma Rescue Victoria has many dogs that have lost their homes as a result of changes in life circumstances.  Some are not preventable and our dedicated volunteers are ready and willing to help wherever possible.  However, changes that ARE predictable should be taken into consideration BEFORE making a commitment to a dog!

You think we are great nannies for small children and a wonderful lesson in responsibility for older kids

You are partly right!

Maremma and a young family member can form a loving and inseparable bond.  However, the ultimate responsibility for any pet must always lay to an adult.  Children can be wonderful dog groomers, trainers and best friends, but they need adult guidance. You should also remember that Maremmas are big (even as puppies) and can knock down a child.  Children and dogs should ALWAYS be supervised when together, for both their sakes!

Final words ...

This is an area that Maremma Rescue Victoria is passionate about and we can’t help, but be blunt!

We see so many Maremmas surrendered to pounds, animal shelters or directly to us, because their owners had the wrong expectations of the breed.  Please consider each of the points above, so you can enjoy many happy years with your new Maremma!

Still need more information?

If you are still unsure about these dogs, just contact us.  We are here to help you decide whether Maremma is a suitable dog for you.